Safety Tips for Home

Safety Tips for Home

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Home is apparently a place to be at ease and enjoy spending time with family. It’s also where your children develop, grasp, find love and concern. It’s the first place from where they can observe, learn and experience the world around them. Of course, they need to feel safe as well.

The first thing that needs attention regarding safety is to prevent burglary as it is the most common. If robbery takes place at your home, you tend to lose more than a few belongings. Apart from the loss of belongings, there is a mental trauma that you and your family have to go through. There is a loss of safety and well-being.

There are a few things that you must do to boost your home security and make your house burglar-resistant.

Below is a list of tips that you may use to keep your family and belongings safe.

  • Install burglar alarm systems in the front entrance in such a way that cannot be visible by the robbers. If your front entrance contains decorative glasses then, you should install the security keypad in a place that cannot be noticeable from the doorstep. This way, the burglar would not be able to see if the alarm is set.
  • An intelligent way of keeping your home away from robbers is to plant thorny shrubs such as rose bushes below the ground floor windows. These also add beauty to your home.
  • While going away from your property for a vacation make sure that you deny for newspapers and magazines. But, you can’t keep a control on the pizza flyers etc. You can ask your neighbors to remove them time and again because it may act as an indication to the crafty criminals.
  • Keep the volume of your telephone ringer low. This way none of the passerby will be able to hear your telephone ringing and voice mail giving an indication that no one is at home.
  • Never load your car with luggage at night if you are to leave the next morning. You must do it just before you leave. Keeping your car ready for the overnight can serve to be a green signal for those looking for a chance.
  • Install a mailbox or slot near the bottom of the front door. Absence of the slot makes the door weaker making it all the more easily to kick in.
  • Always keep your car keys with you while sleeping so that if you hear any suspicious noise you can press the panic button on your key. This sound will deter burglars away.
  • Also, keep your valuables in your child’s clothes drawers rather than your kitchen. Thieves are more likely to search the master bedroom and leave the child’s room untouched.
  • Double check the latches all around your home. Do not leave them open.

Keep these tips in your mind to keep your belongings safe before you head out for a vacation. 

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