Split System Air Conditioning: How to Select and Extend Its Longevity

Split System Air Conditioning: How to Select and Extend Its Longevity

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The onset of summer season is accompanied by rise in temperature creating lots of problems for the homeowners. To obtain relief, it is vital to purchase the Split system air conditioning that goes a long way in regulating the temperature of the house. Excessive heat and sweating leads to the decrease in work efficiency both at office and home. While purchasing an air conditioning system, one should carefully follow the rules and regulations to get the best results for a long term.

Tips to select the Split system air conditioning for your domestic or commercial requirement:

  • You must not purchase an over-sized air conditioner or a very small one, and you must look for the upgraded version of the DC system of inverter technology.
  • The market is inundated with different types of air conditioners however one can select the outdoor or indoor unit of the spilt system depending on the requirements and ‘A’ rated specifications.
  • Split AC is a lot less noisy compared to its window cousin and also stylish, therefore lots of people prefer to install it in their home premises. Moreover the user can enjoy the flexibility in installation to a great extent.
  • Budgetary constraints play a very important role in the selection of the Split system air conditioning as there are varieties of products along with BEE energy rating and various capacities.
  • You must check the night setting modes, the controlled set modes and you must check with the specialists how to put the energy saving mode and the sleep mode where you can conserve maximum electricity. The economical air conditioners work according to the parameters such as tonnage, fan speed and the brand value.
  • It is vital to ensure that the product is of top quality because defective air conditioners might lead to recurring expenses on repairs for a long period of time.

Check the extra charges of insulation and refrigerant:

While selecting split system air conditioning, it is mandatory to check the insulation of the pipes and the rate of heat exchange through these. Also the rate of cooling, heating and defrosting is decided by the concentration of the refrigerant so you must ask the company whether they charge anything extra for refrigerant.

Other conditions that remain to be fulfilled:

1 ton AC is considered to be the power of the product and it would be sufficient for a small room whereas

2 ton AC is suitable for a larger room or more conditioners would be required for a hall that might also double up as a conference venue. Making a choice for the AC entirely depends on the discretion of the customers.

  • While buying a split system air conditioning it is always advisable to ask for the servicing of fans, coils, heat exchangers and ducts. Checking for the annual maintenance fees and the monthly fees are also important.
  • It is a well-known fact that people are hampered by the rising electricity bills, therefore they want to invest in air conditioners that deliver top performance and also do not incur significant expenditure.
  • While buying air conditioner, assess the energy efficiency ratio of the unit to arrive at a correct decision.
  • If the cooling output of the air conditioner is one the higher side, it would be considered as a highly efficient unit.

You can also check the star rating of the conditioner awarded by the Bureau of energy efficiency because it is an important benchmark to save the electricity bills without any hassles.

It is vital to analyze the features of the air conditioner and also the quality of the service partner that will provide repairing options in case of any problem with the product. If you want know more info then stay connected here and get the best split system air conditioning system.

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