Stop Rodent Infestations with a Pest Control Specialist

Stop Rodent Infestations with a Pest Control Specialist

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Rats and other rodents can multiply at an alarming rate and now that winter is right around the corner, every Ontarian knows that the rodents that so plague us each year will be burrowing and scurrying to find safe haven come the first snowfall. Science tells us that a healthy female rat can produce up to five litters per year. Each litter can number up to fourteen and reach maturity very quickly — around five weeks — at which time they are capable of producing litters of their own. Preventing and stopping this type of exponential growth requires the expertise of a pest control specialist. Rodent removal is a process that requires knowledge of rodent behavior and an understanding of seasonal rodent behavior. A quality pest control company will apply the best methods of removal and guarantee that you will not experience another infestation through repeat treatments.

Rodent removal in homes requires careful use of pesticides and other chemicals, especially where the safety of children, pets, pregnant or nursing women and the elderly are concerned. A good professional pest control specialist will properly evaluate your home’s particular situation, taking all safety matters into account before beginning any extermination. Choose a pest control provider that uses environmentally friendly pest control products that are recommended for home use and safe around pets and children.

Along with an onsite evaluation, a high quality pest control specialist like the GTA’s Toronto Pest Exterminators will offer a warranty which includes follow-ups at no charge. Pest control specialists who really stand by their work will offer warranties for up to a full year, as well as quickly identify your type of pest problem and offer a solution both inside and outside of your domicile.

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in Toronto, but they aren’t the only pests that are looking to infest your home this winter. Bed bugs, ants, mice and rats are also very common pests in Toronto, and can easily become an infestation if left unchecked. Ants are another common pest in Toronto. Pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, and pavement ants are just a few that can invade your home, contaminate food, and as inflict painful bites and stings.

The National Pesticide Information Center offers advice on how to pick a good pest control specialist, and it is highly recommended that you follow their advice. In Toronto, a high quality pest control provider will be licensed with the Ministry of Environment and present an Ontario extermination card upon request. Companies that fail to provide proper licensing and documentation should be avoided. Choose a well-qualified specialist to help identify any type of infestation. The technicians hired by Toronto Pest Exterminators are trained and certified by the province of Ontario, and will supply documentation on demand, which proves that you aren’t dealing with some fly-by-night pest control agency.

Value works both ways. You should never accept the lowest bid based solely on price. Get estimates from more than one company and compare services and rates. Another sign of a good, proactive pest control provider will be a pest management plan that will include options of monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly service. A Toronto Pest Exterminators pest control services management plan includes interior as well as exterior coverage — that means you’re covered inside and out for up to a full year. Let your initial conversation with a pest control representative be your guide and if the representative seems ill informed, unable to identify the type of pest, or if they are unwilling to discuss their products or methods, move on to a different company.

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