Symptoms of Foundation Cracks and What to Do with Them

Symptoms of Foundation Cracks and What to Do with Them

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a homeowner is not fixing foundation cracks immediately. Foundation cracks are often seen as a common problem and some homeowners can easily forget to fix them. In reality, a small crack on your foundation can actually cause a whole lot of problems that you may not expect.

Symptoms of Foundation Problems

As mentioned earlier, even a small crack on the foundation can actually mean a lot of things, including bigger problems with the structure. To address these problems correctly, you need to be able to recognize the symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms you will see are:

  • With blocks foundation, gaps between the grouting are often considered to be signs of movements. It is not uncommon for the ground to shift and move as weight and stress are placed on top of it. When you start seeing gaps between the grouting of your foundation, you need to check immediately if the floors are even and level.
  • Increased humidity in the basement is another symptom that you need to watch closely. Increased humidity can cause a lot of problems, including fungus and erosion, both of which can permanently damage the foundation of your house. When you see cracks on the basement wall, be sure to check the foundation right away.
  • A problem in the foundation, whether it is cracks or shifts, can also be seen in other parts of the house. A leaning brick chimney, for instance, is often a clear sign of foundation problems. A good routine is to have a thorough assessment performed every couple of years.
  • Visible cracks, on the other hand, are quite easy to spot. The cracks often appear not only on the foundation itself, but also on walls near the foundation. These cracks must be filled and repaired immediately to prevent further damages from appearing.

What to Do Next?

A good way to start is to hire the best foundation repair Ottawa Company to help you. Schedule an assessment so that you can understand the problems you are facing further. Hiring a company that specializes in home repair and improvement is a huge plus, because the person conducting the assessment can also spot problems in other areas of the property.

Once an assessment is done and you know what you are dealing with, you can start planning a repair project. Some minor damages can be repaired yourself using a patching concrete or paste and some basic tools. Other, more severe damages require a team of professionals who knows exactly what they are doing.

Set a budget for the project and get estimates from the repair companies. I say companies, because you may want to compare multiple foundation repair companies in Ottawa and surrounding areas to get the best deal. Don’t hesitate to ask for discounts as well. The market is a very competitive one, so getting special deals and offers on the project is not uncommon. Start the project only when you are perfectly happy with the estimate you get from the company.

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