Synthetic Grass in Sydney- Water Saving Solution

Synthetic Grass in Sydney- Water Saving Solution

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Global warming and ever-increasing water bills calls for every homeowner to save water. Government organizations are constantly implementing strategies for water conservations. You can also do your part through turning to synthetic grass.

Sydney is a beautiful city, so it is expected that you wish to emulate the splendour on your own garden or lawn through, of course, making it lush and green. Nevertheless, achieving a phenomenal lawn is challenging, laborious, and relatively expensive as having real grass demands regular maintenance, watering, and all. To save from hassles and inconveniences, people are turning to synthetic grass.

Synthetic lawns in Sydney, also referred as artificial turf, originated in the carpet industry. It was originally manufactured through sewing up thousands of specialized plastic strands into a fabric. The loops on its flip side are being cut to give the original carpet a look of a new, green grass. Simply put, synthetic grass is more likely a specialized carpet. This specialized carpet has a lifespan of around 15 to 20 years, saving you big time from the expenses related to growing real grass.


How Synthetic Grass in Sydney Can Save You on Water Expenses?

Did you know that water used for lawn maintenance is the primary reason why your water bills seemingly skyrocketing? Though it may not really be apparent, keeping the lawn verdant is relatively expensive. That is not to mention the unseen lost time for re-seeding, futzing with timers, yearly detaching, mowing, edging, etc. Synthetic Turf in Sydney can greatly help through saving on water bills as the turf does not require any watering to keep it green. Well, water is not needed, as this does not grow. Synthetic turf remains green even after months of not watering. It can also be installed and kept even when the ground is dry. You can keep your lawn looking verdant even if there are water restrictions within the area. Moreover, it helps other plants to grow as it allows such to get sufficient amount of water that they needed. At the end of each month, you will not just do your part in water conservation but will also save money on your water bills.

Save Up To 55 Gallons of Water Every Year

An average homeowner can possibly save 55 gallons of water per year for every square foot of lawn area replaced with synthetic grass. Countless synthetic grass manufacturers also conclude that homeowners can possibly save around $15 in their monthly water bills if the real grass will be replaced with synthetic ones. If totaled, homeowners can possibly save $180 annually. Not to mention the amount you can possibly save after claiming rebates and incentives from government and related organizations. The benefits of using synthetic grass in Sydney go far beyond water savings. At large, the greatest benefit is the beauty, uniformity, and softness of this wonder of modern technology. Aside from that, it can give you a phenomenal lawn without spending too much time, money, and effort on its maintenance.

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