The Top Reasons to Adore Parquetry Flooring

The Top Reasons to Adore Parquetry Flooring

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One of the most popular material used in homes today is timber and you can choose from a number of beautiful and cost-effective species and cuts to create a unique look. From sustainably sourced to recycled, engineered to laminated, there is something to be said about the timeless attraction of wood. For this reason, parquetry flooring and other options are a great way to build a home that impresses and gives guests a reason to come back for a second visit.

This type of flooring is the most likely to be seen in the majority of homes in the coming years and the natural, subtle warmth of the material is the perfect fit for your own home. With parquet below your feet, you can truly adore the look and feel of your new flooring for years to come. Since this is a serious investment into the quality of your home, you cannot afford to put just anything on your floors.

Some History

Parquetry flooring first came into style in 17th century France when stone and marble floors were too costly to remain a sought-after material. Instead, decorative timber flooring became the next big trend in the world, especially due to the fact many unique and interesting patterns could be created using this material. What was once something that only the wealthy could afford has since become something highly sought after by homeowners of all budgets and you can easily become another one of the many with a truly unique property.


Parquetry flooring in Perth has the ability to look fresh and modern without exception and this is often due to the timeless feel of the patterning. This flooring is perfect for a palace with many storeys or a simple home in the middle of a charmingly small neighbourhood. For this reason alone, you stand to benefit from putting it in any home that you plan to spend many years enjoying with the ongoing generations of your family.

Visual Interest

Schemes with only one colour and minimal furnishings can appear clinical and cool but parquetry flooring can liven an entire room up with a different type of attraction. This type of flooring is the best option if you want to give the room something unique and interesting for guests to look at when they walk through the door. The patterning is a great way to add different levels of shading, depth, and visual interest to an otherwise one-note building and it can make it highly inviting for guests of any kind.


This type of flooring is rarely any less cost-effective than other types of timber flooring, making it a highly viable option for any homeowner on a specific type of budget. Long hallways are especially great places to place parquetry flooring as they can be difficult to furnish or otherwise add any type of interest. Whether you need to install this material in just one room of the home or have an enormous property-wide project in mind, the cost should be highly reasonable to your budget.

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