The Traditional Slate Tiler – A Highly Skilled Trade

The Traditional Slate Tiler – A Highly Skilled Trade

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Over the past few decades, technology has changed our lives in many ways, and while some of the advances are an improvement on ancient methods and materials, there are often tries and tested systems that have worked for centuries and are still the best option. Slate roofing is a classic example of this, and the trade itself is highly skilled and not something for the amateur to attempt, which is why we rely on experienced tradesmen to carry out any repairs on a slate roof.

Unique Natural Properties

Slate is quarried stone and in the hands of an expert, it can be shaped and worked on effectively, but without the years of experience, working with this robust, yet delicate material is almost impossible. Almost anyone can manage to put down a roof that has been prefabricated to size, but with slate roofing, the tiler would carefully select each piece and build the roof much like a work of art.Hire an experienced roofing contractor to do slate roofing repairs in Sydney as you will need a professional who only works with slate to get high quality work that will hold up against the elements.

Ancient Craft

Slate was used in Britain and Europe for many centuries, and with the special skills being handed down from generation to generation, slate roofing has remained as popular today as it was a century ago. Perhaps the reason why tile slaters are still around, is that there is no better material for roof covering than slate, and many homeowners are fearful on new composite materials, as they might not stand the test of time, whereas, with slate, you know you have a roof that will last for many years, and the style and character a slate roof offers, makes it a very popular choice.

Master Slaters

An elite and indeed dying breed, a master slater would be able to design and craft the perfect roof, and most of his work would involve listed properties that already have slate roofing. If you are lucky enough to have a master slater in your area, then he is the person to talk to about your roof, even if you do not currently have slate tiles, as a reroofing project might just be the best solution. There areslate roofing repairs in Sydney, and if you ever need their services, an online search will point you in the right direction. Many people get fed up with constant repairs and decide to have the entire roof surface replaced with natural slate, and once you have done that, you can basically forget about roof repairs. Obviously, one would need to regularly inspect the roof, as falling branches and other debris could cause tiles to become dislodged or even broken.

The only person who can repair a slate roof is a slate tiler, and such is his skill that he would be able to source an exact match for the existing slate, and when the repairs are complete, there would be no visible evidence of any repairs.

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