The Two Types of Solar Panels Used in UK Homes

The Two Types of Solar Panels Used in UK Homes

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Solar power has increased rapidly in the UK, and it has much to do with the reduced cost of photovoltaic (PV) panels as well as the feed-in-tariff (FIT) subsidy. Solar panels act as collectors that diffuse radiation and harness power from the sun. Direct sunlight is not used, which is why they work in a place that is not always sunny, like the UK.The power of solar energy can be harnessed in different ways, but the most cost-effective one is with the use of solar panels. Learn the two most common types of panels for domestic use.

How do Solar Panels Work

Using mono or poly crystalline cells, PV collectors convert energy from the sun into electricity. The cells are set in collectors connected via AC/DC converter to the power supply and to the national grid. Just enough photons, or the tiny packets of energy from sunlight, reach the earth every minute to meet our demand for energy.

PV panels consist of many solar cells. Individual cells are designed with a positive and a negative layer, creating an electric field, like the ones in a battery. As photons are absorbed in the cell, their energy causes electrons to become free. The electrons move to the bottom of the cell and exit through the connecting wires. This flow is of course, electricity. By combining solar cells in photovoltaic panels, the right amount of electricity is produced to perform a specific job. Find out if your home is suitable for solar panel installation by speaking with a reputable installer. Get a couple of solar quotes before choosing a particular company.

Solar Thermal Systems that Produce Hot Water

Solar thermal system is cheaper and is used to produce domestic hot water. This is not just environmentally friendly, but also a cost-effective way to create hot water for homes. Like most domestic hot water systems, the solar system heats an element inside the hot water cylinder. With the solar thermal system, the coil is heated by solar power light radiation so less electricity, coal or gas is used. This is a good way to replace expensive fossil fuel energy. The panels used for heating water capture heatand trap the heat in daylight to heat the water, which is then pumped back to the hot water cylinder. They do not need hot sunlight to work, for they can work well on any bright, overcast day. Isn’t that amazing? If you have not yet installed solar panels at your home, consider its advantages and costs now using solar quotes.

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