Things You Should Consider While Buying Bed Bug Powders And Ant Bait

Things You Should Consider While Buying Bed Bug Powders And Ant Bait

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The infestation of bed bugs is one of the most difficult situations to deal with. The most appropriate way to completely eradicate bed bugs is to hire a professional company. However, even though it’s the best method, it can still prove expensive for homeowners. Similarly, infestation of ants is another problem that requires patience and hard work for successful elimination. While ants can be gotten rid of by a few lightweight homemade measures, some infestations are too severe to be handled with these tricks.

It is at this particular juncture where you would need to depend on bed bug powders and ant baits to tackle the situation. And in case you are attempting a do-it-yourself bed bug and ant control, consider these following tips to ensure you bring home the best product.

Selecting bed bug powders

While there are no magic formulae that can kill bed bugs effectively, there are commercial bed bug powders that – when applied carefully and meticulously – can do much to eliminate these pests. Buy these from any home depot near your place. Try applying the powder directly onto the insects and in and around their hiding places.

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If you are planning to use aerosol foggers, decide otherwise. These foggers are quite ineffective in controlling the spread of these bugs. Aerosols generally don’t penetrate deep into the crevices where bugs hide.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) dust is one type of beg bug powder that desiccates (or dries) the bed bugs when these come in direct contact with the product. Many pest control companies extensively depend on this pest control method to eliminate the population of bed bugs. DE is inexpensive and can be easily procured from hardware stores or online websites. While buying DE, make sure you read the product label carefully for indoor use as well as for its effectiveness of accessing all cracks, voids and crevices.

Selecting ant baits

Bait traps are an effective way to eradicate the expanding colonies of ants. While a number of homemade ant baits can be used to eliminate ant colonies, chemical ant baits can prove more effective for infestations that range higher on the severity meter.

If you are buying ant baits, remember to not purchase any repellant products or sprays. By placing these near the baits, you will actually be preventing the ants from going near the baits thus rendering the trap entirely useless.

Consider buying ant baits such as gourmet liquid ant baits which have been proven extremely useful in eliminating entire ant colonies. Take precautions while placing baits. Keep them in dark and damp areas such as holes, wall edges, etc. where these don’t come in direct contact with any children or pets you may have at home.

Use your bed bug powders and ant baits with appropriate safety measures. You can handle the task yourself if you carefully follow the label instructions given on the product. With a little bit of patience and diligence, you can get rid of these annoying pests in no time. We wish you good luck!

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