Tips on Air Conditioner Maintenance

 Tips on Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Mostly everyone has an air conditioner in their homes and therefore understand the importance of maintaining it. You have to look after it even in the winter, because when summer comes you will be thankful you did. There are a lot of companies that offer air conditioner services and it can be tough to decide which to choose, how to choose and if you even need their services. Here are some tips on maintaining your air conditioner:

Replace the filters

Whether you have multiple air conditioners in the house, or you have a central cooling unit, filters need to be replaced regularly. If you do not replace the filters frequently, the dust starts to build up and can end up being sucked back in to the air conditioner. If you leave the same filter on, after a while you will notice that your home will not be cooled as much as it used to, as when you first got the air conditioner. You should replace the filter every few months in the summer and at least once or twice during the winter. You might need to replace it more often if you have smokers or pets in the home, as the smoke and fur may get clogged up in the air conditioners filter.

Check the coils

The coils in an air conditioner collect all the dirt, which causes them to not work as efficiently as they should. When the dirt starts to build up it reduces the air from flowing freely and the coils breaking down can mean the air conditioner might need to be replaced altogether, which is costly. You should hire a professional air conditioner maintenance company, such as Roswell air conditioning maintenance, to come and take a look at your air conditioner coils and make sure they are in working condition. You can also maintain them by cleaning off all the dust and debris that accumulates on them, with a dry towel or paper towel.

Make a checklist for the maintenance company

When you do hire a maintenance company, you have to make sure that they check everything thoroughly to ensure they do not miss anything during their inspection. Make sure that they check the air conditioner coils, they check to see the thermostat works properly, they check to see if there are any leaks, they check to see whether or not the air is escaping through your windows and that they check the outside area of your air conditioner, to make sure that there are no leaves or other debris getting clogged up in your air conditioner. If the company knows what you are talking about when it comes to your air conditioner, they will know that they can’t fool you and they will do their job thoroughly.

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