UPVC or Wood to Build an Orangery or Conservatory

UPVC or Wood to Build an Orangery or Conservatory

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Over recent years UPVC has been used as the primary material used in the building of orangeries and conservatories. There are a number of reasons for this, including its easy maintenance properties, manufacturing and design simplicity. The use of wood however, has started to grow in popularity again, years after it had lost its status as the number one choice in the building of extensions to properties.

Let’s take a look at the two materials and how you can choose between the two if you are thinking about adding a conservatory or orangery to your property.

Using Timber for a Conservatory or Orangery

Wood is easy to manufacture and fit into all sorts of designs. It’s a material that allows for fast building and construction and that is the reason why it was such a popular building material for centuries.

In the past timber would rot over time, meaning it was an unsafe material to use in many locations. It would gain mould and significantly reduce the lifespan of a property. Modern timber however, is treated to ensure that it is safe from rotting and infestation potential.

Timber constructions are beautiful to look at, elegant, natural and simplistic in design and UPVC just doesn’t stand up to it on a purely aesthetic level, timber can be used for add-ons and accessories, such as internal rafters and beams, not just the frame of your extension. Now that you know that your timber orangery or conservatory is likely to last as long as one made from UPVC materials why not use timber to add that elegant and stylish feel you’ve been craving? The costs are higher, but your aesthetic will definitely be more pleasing to the eye.

Using UPVC for a Conservatory or Orangery

UPVC is a versatile material to use within construction. It became a popular choice in recent years due to this versatility, but mostly because of its hassle free nature. It has been found that UPVC is very easy to maintain, being easy to wipe down and clean. You will find that over time it doesn’t degrade like some timber can.

One of the biggest plus points for UPVC when compared with wood is that it does tend to be cheaper to purchase, and the maintenance levels easier to manage over time. Another factor to consider is your current property. If the rest of the house has UPVC windows, will an orangery made solely from timber look out of place? Will UPVC actually add extra value due to it matching the rest of the property in style? You can also choose UPVC in a range of styles and colours that just wouldn’t be possible with timber.

Take your time to consider the benefits of both UPVC and Wood when choosing how to design your new orangery or conservatory. Timber can be used to make your property more stylish, but could cost more. UPVC on the other hand, is more likely to match your property and is much easier to maintain, with a lower cost.

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