What a Good Mover’s Website Should Offer You?

What a Good Mover’s Website Should Offer You?

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What should a good moving company have on their website? This is a good question and there are several items that should be on their websites.

Forms for information

They should have some type of form that you can list where you are moving to, what items to move and some other information and will have a quote emailed to you. If a moving company website cannot give you a quote then you need to move on to the next website.

How to articles

Other items that should be on a good moving website are articles on how to pack your various items. It should include:

  • How to pack glassware
  • How to pack other kitchen items
  • How to protect your artwork
  • Should you take items out of dressers and pack these items separately
  • Other items and how to protect them

They should also tell you about other items to move such as a backyard swing sets, toy boxes, clothes, and various items should as these. A really good website for a moving company should have lots of information about moving, packing items and how to protect any valuable items. Also the website should tell about items that should be taken apart such as a bed.

Broker or mover

Something that you need to be careful about when filling out forms on a website – are you asking questions of the actual mover or a broker? Brokers often have websites and play roles in helping clients match up with good moving companies. But, a broker is not able to give you an estimate that is binding and is not responsible for damage or loss. In fact, whether it is a broker or a mover that gives you a quote, it is generally not binding. Now a mover can give you a quote that in some case can be binding or “will not exceed” quote but not a broker.

Also with a movers website you should find out if packers are paid by the movers or people that are working freelance. This is important because if they don’t work for the movers, you might not be able to get reimbursed for items that get broken. It is important that your mover have packers that work for them. If the mover will not give you this information, go to the next website.

A mover’s website should also let you know what areas they work in – locally or worldwide.

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