What are The Different Types of Carport Designs That Are Available for Various Needs?

What are The Different Types of Carport Designs That Are Available for Various Needs?

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Carport is a semi covered structure that protects your vehicles from the adverse weather conditions like rain, sun, hail and snow. It is not covered from all the four sides, thus it offers a flexibility of attaching it to existing wall or leaving it detached. Different carport design types include: metal carport, flat roof carport, curved carport, pent roof carport, solar carport, gable roof carport, hipped roof and timber framed carport. Wood is a very good material for carport construction. Carports made out of wood, are long-lasting and can be used for years. Metal carports are less durable as compared to wooden carports. Large number of designs and styles are available in case of timber carports. You can also make customized designs by using different materials and fixing them together.

Present carport designs have become very popular in the market because of the following reasons:

  1. They are more adaptable to changing weather conditions
  2. They can easily be dismantled and moved from one place to another because of their light weight
  3. Metal carports are simpler in design and are more economical.
  4. Hail protection feature significantly reduces the danger from hail.

Since carports are available in various designs you should choose the design as per your requirement and available space.

Some of the very famous wooden carport designs are:

  1. Standalone wooden carport: These carports are supported only by the canopies own posts. It’s a great option in case you want to install a carport in your garden. They are also best in terms of accessibility and flexibility. Strong posts are used for holding and supporting the complete structure.
  2. Attached wooden carport: They need a durable construction like a sidewall and shed for complete setup. This helps in increasing the outdoor space.

Wooden carport designs according to their size

  1. Single wooden carport: If you have just one car, then single style is best to protect your car from harmful elements.
  2. Double wooden carport: This design is suitable for individuals who own two cars. These carports are spacious and bigger in size.

Wooden carport designs according to design

  1. Regular style carports: They have very simple and basic structure having certain number of beams and a roof. They are best for the people who want to have a carport in their backyard to have protection from water, snow and bird droppings. This style is affordable and inexpensive.
  2. Boxed wooden carport: These structures have horizontal roof panels and an “A” frame roof top. This design is one of the most famous choices. This style is both stylish and affordable. Thus, boxed structures are best in case you want a shelter for your car along with adding style and elegance to your house.

Wooden carport designs according to roof lines

  1. Gabled roof wooden carport: A gabled roof is very similar to a simple house roof line. This is the strongest roof construction. It decreases the accumulation of snow and water on its top. Thus particular roof line offers more flexibility than flat roof designs.
  2. Vertical Roof: This type of carport is designed with vertical roof panels and an “A” frame roof truss. A hat channel runs along the length of the unit to cross brace the roof and offers an increasing point for the panels of the roof.
  3. Shed Roof wooden carport: This is appropriate for snowy areas as it is an easier way to connect a roof to another building.

People living in warm climatic conditions, prefer flat roof wooden carports. They are easy to install, cheap and low in maintenance. Check out this link to get more information about carports.

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