Why Invest in a Good Coffee Machine

Why Invest in a Good Coffee Machine

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If you are like me, you spend a fortune on coffee. I drink at least four cups a day and about six years ago, I realised that I was spending nearly £250 a month on coffee and the snacks I bought while in the coffee shop. When I realised that I went out and replaced my small Nesspresso home coffee maker with a top end Krups. It cost me over £1,500, but the fact I only occasionally went to the coffee shop meant that the machine paid for itself in under a year.

So, that is the strongest reason to invest in a good quality machine. If you do so you will, over time, end up saving a lot of money.

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Perfect coffee every time

Making good coffee is defiantly an art. You need to use quality beans, good water and most importantly a machine that behaves consistently. The top end machines are built to perform. I can tell you from personal experience that using the right machine makes a hell of a difference to the result.


These machines are built to last and to perform flawlessly for years. However, as with any small appliance that is used every day, often several times a day, eventually they breakdown. The warranties on these machines are good and are generally honoured without fuss, but you will rarely find one with more than a five-year warranty. After that, you have to pay for the repair, which, if you use the manufacturer, can work out expensive.

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However, I have found a great alternative in repairitreuseit. This firm repairs and maintains any make of coffee machine and does it for a great price. The good thing is that their service is a door-to-door one so you can take advantage of their service regardless of where you live in the UK.

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