Your Guide to Serviced Apartments and How they can Benefit You

Your Guide to Serviced Apartments and How they can Benefit You

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You may not be familiar with serviced apartments – that would be normal, since they’re a phenomenon that has actually reached the general public recently. Although they’ve been around for decades, they were previously only accessible to, and used by, corporations to entertain their guests or employees on a short-term basis. With their popularity, however, more and more serviced apartments are getting on the market, providing more and more guests with luxurious amenities at reduced costs. Are you considering a trip out of town and wondering where to stay? Rather than booking a hotel, consider the serviced apartments first. Here’s your guide to serviced apartments and how they can benefit you.

What is a serviced apartment?

The term ‘serviced apartment’ is actually a term used to describe several kinds of apartments which are for let or rent for short or medium terms, and which include the basic services you would get in a hotel – such as a cleaning service, housekeeping, and other amenities. You’re letting an apartment, but you’re receiving the convenient services as well.

What you can expect

You’re getting an apartment, so you have the right to expect the following:

  • A fully functioning kitchen, often with a dishwasher and dryer
  • Depending on the kind of flat, it will be a studio type or with separate bedrooms
  • Living room
  • Bath room
  • All utilities are included in the price, including Internet or Wi-Fi, cable, and so on
  • Weekly housekeeping service. This can be upgraded to occur more frequently if requested.

The major benefits

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to the serviced apartment or flat in comparison to your other options. First of all, the cost is lower when you compare it to the space that is available to you. Furthermore, you have the luxury of preparing your own food, rather than eating and paying the hotel for their menu. Secondly, you can receive guests as you like (unlike in a hotel). Thirdly, you have much more privacy than other establishments offer. Finally, you are much more flexible when it comes to the services you require.

If you’re doing a search on the web for serviced apartments, don’t forget that they often come under a different classification, depending on the amenities and services that are offered. Consider, for example, the apart hotel – a variation of the serviced apartment that actually offers 24-hour services at the front desk similar to a hotel. Or consider corporate housing; this is a serviced hotel that caters to clients or guests who tend to stay longer, usually 30 days or more. Whatever your needs are, serviced apartments, such as those offered by, are willing to cater to them – and usually at lower cost. Consider them first next time you’re on the road.

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