Everything you need to know about grandparents rights

So, caring and love cannot be mentioned legally, but however, laws have got some limits to it. Well, this is exactly the case when it’s about grandparent’s rights over their grandsons and granddaughters. Well, grandparents do have rights and yes when it’s about rights over the grandkids, then many of them merely does not have any idea about it, and sometimes it even leaves them to ask, what rights do grandparents have?

So, grandparents do have some rights, under conditions-

Everything you need to know about grandparents rights

When it’s about grandparent’s rights, you have to consider things pretty well. However, the grandparents generally visit or see their grandkids when they come with their parents. But, there can be times when grandparents can have access to and custody of their grandkids-

  • When the kid’s parents separate.
  • When the kid’s parents take a divorce
  • Grandparents can take custody when the kid’s either of the parents dies.
  • If the kids are not aligned to their parents or if they don’t want to see them.
  • It can be possible when the grandparents have indeed looked after the kids, and now they have been returned to the parents again.

In such cases, grandparents do have legal rights to get custody and access to their grandkids. However, in some states judges opt for a test called the best interest of the child. This test decides which parent spends a great and quality time with the children, and also this can reveal the fact of whom to give custody to.

Things to consider

Well, when it’s about custody the judge also looks as the grandparents must not do a few things:

  • If you are grandparent looking for custody, never act unreasonably.
  • The grandparents have even acted in some ways that are not good for the child.
  • Unacceptable demands can also make the judge reject the custody application.
  • If the kid does not like to spend time with grandparents.

Do grandparents have rights?

So, yeah they do have rights and they need to take good care of their grandchildren, but they also need to fulfill a few formalities as per the laws. However, it solely depends on the parents whether they want to send their children with grandparents or not. Parental rights are certainly strong, but if problems arise between parents then grandparents can apply for custody.

Also, there even have been cases where grandchildren deliberately want to live with their grandparents, and that is completely okay as per law. Even if the child needs a new home, then this grandparent’s custody can be applied for your child’s safety and concern.


Well, now you have all known about the grandparent’s rights I guess. However, it would be better if you can consult a legal expert or a family lawyer, as they can help and assist in detail and in a better way indeed. You can also look for these points and tips that are mentioned above, they will be very helpful as per laws.


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